Hadrian 3L AW10

Since we last met an array of items have passed through these hands, all significant in their own right but nothing quite compelling enough to put pen to paper. It’s no surprise that the piece to wake me from my slumber hails from Fall 2010.

As is often the case with Visvim the first iteration of a piece remains the most accomplished. The Hadrian stands out given the soft hand feel of its outer shell. Composed of Italian cotton twill we’re presented with a material which softens the GoreTex backing helping to dampen Gore’s inherent noise while adding a much needed element of warmth to the otherwise cold, plastic material. Compared to the ill-suited combination of corduroy and Goretex one can see how superior this iteration truly is. No other material humanizes Gore quite like this and sadly we’ll never see it again.

The seam taping remains the best to date as does the classic AW10 back-panel label. The spec sheet is full – Riri zips, corduroy zipper backing, fleece lined pockets and a Vacchetta vegetable tanned leather shoulder yoke. Also of note are the small details of tailoring seen at the cuffs and under the pocket flaps. The only shortcoming is the lack of side pockets much like the PFD.

This release can still be had for way under retail so grab it if you can. Next up we’ll fast forward five years to the current season and cover the Ascot Morning Coat.






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