Ascot Morning Coat 2L AW15

This seasons flagship release harkens back to a long lost period of heightened creativity and interesting design. In previous seasons we’ve been offered robes and cloaks lined with Windstopper or naturally dyed parkas. The Ascot Morning Coat finds itself in such company as another unique well-crafted piece.

One immediately notices the sheer weight, thick double layered moulton wool serves as an armor of sorts, stiff and pliable. Given the impenetrable nature of this fabric the usage of Windstopper almost seems unnecessary as the wool is highly resistant to wind and water. The lining is composed of a cotton/linen blend which is incredibly fragile and probably a poor match for the steel like shell.

What’s truly exceptional is the fined-tuned tailoring. The cut is clean and sharp and the finishing consummate. It fits as if bespoke, conforming effortlessly to your correspondents body. Much has been made of the overly formal design but the oddity of the piece is what makes it so special, so undeniably vis.









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  1. Looks amazing Rich!

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