ICT Lhamo Shirt Kuba

A simple idea from a simple man. Released February 2013 the ICT Kuba Lhamo Shirt came and went without anyone noticing. As few as three were produced as part of the first ICT drop.

Made from vintage Africa Indigo scraps it’s fragility is unsettling. Each panel is loosely hand-stitched together giving the impression that such an approach was intentional. New holes form with every wear requiring constant upkeep and repair. Being 50 to 60 years old the fabric is slowly disintegrating. Unlike the Kuba Gansu Blazer, which is lined to preserve the outer shell, this piece is at the mercy of all wear and tear.

Perhaps I’m approaching it all wrong and must throw caution to the wind allowing this artifact to tear and fray, ground down to mere fiber and dust. Then we can say that this piece hath truly lived, otherwise I’ll have to lend it to a museum and there’s no fun in that.


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