Brigadier Boot FW13

Being in the field of design a very rare thing happens the moment you see someone’s work and realize that you couldn’t have done it better yourself. One not only absorbs the influence of the design but is also overwhelmed by a sobering reality when faced with such a perfected piece. All other endeavors are quickly put into perspective. An emotional connection is born as the rush of reverential waves shoot up your spine and tickle your soul. You say to yourself “I wouldn’t change a thing”.

The first images of the Brigadier Boot came courtesy of none other than Hiroki, worn with cropped Pastoral Pants. It was a high. Their silhouette being broad but shallow, deep but slim, they emanated a rough refinement. Needless to say I needed these and the hunt was on. I tracked all the usual resources but came up with nothing. Having no other choice I buckled and paid American retail (gasp!) which in a way made the acquisition all the sweeter.

Crafted in subtle cow-hide suede the color satisfies my sunny indigo or midnight black moods perfectly. The sleek black Dainite sole is light and durable, even danceable, and the vintage fabric heel trim finishing off the design much like a spoiler on a Porsche.



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